Building Materials and Building Supplies at Howard Brothers


Whether you are a contractor or a "Do-It Yourselfer" we have the building materials that you need to help you in your project. We have a large variety of adhesives that work great with whatever material you are working with. We can help you repair and patch your driveway or roof. Need drainage solutions or need to repair your gutters, we can help. Working on patching holes in your drywall or taking on a whole room with new drywall, we can help you with that too. 
Ceiling Tile & Suspended Ceiling
Construction Hardware
Doors & Windows
Driveway & Roof Coatings
Fiberglass Panels
Floor Coverings
Joint Compound
Railing & Stairway
Roofing & Gutters
Roofing & Ventilation
Triple Zinc, Coated Construction
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Item Description Available Price
948477 Sheetmetal 16ga 12x12 2 12.99
949662 8 X 8 X 16' Pt Lumber 0 278.49
949913 3/4x3/4x4ft 14ga Square Tubing 2 17.99
950629 1/2x1/2x4ft 16ga Square Tubing 1 9.99
951927 4 X 4 X 48" Pt Lumber 0 12.99
956156 2 X 10 X 20ft Syp Lumber 0 41.99
21 found, showing page 2 of 2