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Shop for kitchenware and bathroom accessories at Howard Brothers True Value. Browse our stunning homeware items for that welcome home feel. Our glamorous products that include cookware, baking dishes to tableware, are a sure way to light up your home. For the well dressed home, transform your living space with our exciting homeware supplies today.

We help you keep it squeaky clean and smelling fresh too. From mops to cleaning chemicles for floors, walls, counters, silver, and all in between are found with us. Need laundry aids? We have them!

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Cleaners, Kitchen & Bath
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Freezing & Canning Supplies
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Glassware & Beverageware
Home Decor
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Kitchen & Pantry Organization
Kitchen Tools & Gadgets
Laundry Aids & Carts
Laundry, Dishwashing, & Hand Cle
Sinkware, Basins, Tubs
Storage Containers & Closet
Tableware & Servingware
Thermometers & Scales
Thermos Bottles
Waste Containers & Bags
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957163 Ladies Garden Suede Glove 5 9.99
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