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It's Howard Brothers True Value has everything you'll need for your gardening and landscaping projects! Let us help you keep your garden and yard green, growing, and weed free. Find mowers, gardening tools, fertilizers, lawn chemicals, sod rollers, outdoor lighting and more. Our extensive selection of lawn and garden equipment is not only within reach but won't cost you a bundle. You can browse by category to choose mowers, carts, lawn seeds, pest control, and much more.

It's never a bad time to transform your yard into a garden oasis. Our dedicated staff are ready to help you creat a space cusomized to your site and vision. We have seasonal plants froms sun to shade, annuals to perennials.

Now you will have the confidence you need to undertake some serious gardening and tackle the project your've always been meaning to. Its all within reach when you find the right tools and equipment to handle the job.

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Item Description Available Price
943297 Zinnia 5 1.29
943298 Beet Heirloom 0
943299 Cabbage 0
943300 Cantaloupe Seed 0 1.49
943301 Oregon Spring Tomato Seed 3 1.49
943302 Crenshaw Melon Seed 2 1.49
943303 Cucumber Heirloom Seed 0 1.49
943304 Sunny Boy Tomato Seed 0
943305 Salvia Sakuti Mix Seed 1 1.99
943306 Summmertime Sunflower Mix Seed 6 1.89
943307 Containers Choice Red Tomato See 0
943309 Marigold Seed 1 1.89
943310 Amaranth Seed 0 1.69
943311 Charlie Chaplin Tomato Seed 3 1.69
943312 Red Brandywine Tomato Heirloom 9 1.99
119 found, showing page 2 of 8