Traeger Smokers, Wood Pellets, Seasonings, Grill Accessories in Duluth, Doraville, Oakwood GA


Tired of those boring sandwiches? Start Traeger'ing! As people began to taste the food cooked on a Traeger, word spread about the unique flavores only Traeger natural wood pellets can provide. No matter what type of food, no matter the quality of cut, a Traeger makes it delicious! Choose yours today here at Howard Brothers True Value.

Years of design improvements and practical testing have improved the Traeger grills and smokers to the point of being the best outdoor cooking equipment on the market. The wood pellets burn clean and efficiently. They also create all the heat and all the smoke so it is as close to smoking with hardwood as you can get without splitting logs. The Traeger unit used a controlled feeding mechanism so you won't have to keep too close an eye on this smoker.

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Item Description Available Price
142377 Traeger Pellets Hickory 20LB 10 19.99
142378 Traeger Pellets Mesquite 20lbs 9 19.99
156399 Traeger Pellets Maple 20LB 22 19.99
156400 Traeger Pellets Cherry 20LB 23 19.99
156401 Traeger Pellets Pecan 20lbs 12 19.99
156402 Traeger Pellets Apple 20LB 50 19.99
921821 QT Jet-X pwr. Spray J201 Typical Reorder Time 3-5 Days 6.99
928114 Traeger Lil' Tex BBQ070 0 488.88
928115 Traeger Junior BBQ055 1 398.99
928124 Traeger Hydrotuff Grill Cover 0 48.99
928125 HYDROTUFF COVER - LIL TEX - 15 48.99
928127 Traeger Beef Shake 16oz 0 9.99
928132 Salmon Shake 13 Oz. Typical Reorder Time 3-5 Days 9.99
928133 Traeger Veggie Shake Discontinued 9.99
928134 Lb Beef Rub 6.5 Oz. Discontinued 9.99
52 found, showing page 1 of 4